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Allen Wolf
Allen WolfWriter, Director, Producer

Allen’s film, novel, and board games have won numerous awards and have been experienced by people all over the world. See his other movies.

Allen is passionate about telling stories through film.
  • Allen graduated from New York University’s film school at the top of his class.
  • His senior thesis film was a finalist for the Student Academy Awards.
  • Allen’s feature film, In My Sleep, debuted as the #1 new indie film opening weekend.
  • In My Sleep sold to over 70 countries.
  • In My Sleep was featured on Netflix, Redbox, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and the Lifetime Movie Network.
  • Allen’s screenplay for Hooked won 10 awards.
  • The Black List called Hooked “A very sweet and endearing romantic comedy.”
  • Allen has won numerous awards for his other screenplays.
  • Allen has created numerous other shorts and was a story consultant on a Hulu series.
Allen’s novel Hooked won numerous awards including a Book of the Year Award.
  • In their review, Kirkus Reviews called Hooked, “Entertaining, well-paced, and highly visual.”
  • Hooked won 6 awards, including a Book of the Year Award.
  • Allen read the audio version of Hooked.
  • Allen wrote Hooked at Disneyland.
  • Allen has an agent who represents him for his children’s books.
  • In writing Hooked, Allen hoped to bring awareness to human trafficking.
Allen has created 5 board games that have been played all over the world.
  • Allen has created games for adults and children.
  • Allen’s board games have won 38 awards.
  • Allen created his first game as a present for two friends who were dating.
  • Allen’s first game, You’re Pulling My Leg!, was featured in his film, In My Sleep.
  • Allen is married to his Persian princess and has two young children.
  • Allen has been to Disneyland over 400 times.
  • Allen has travelled all over the world but his favorite travel destination is Paris.
  • Allen has been to the Cannes Film Festival 4 times.
  • Allen is a pastor who oversees the arts and communication for a church in Seattle.
  • Allen loves dogs and has a stuffed animal dog that’s the size of a real one. His name is Buster.
  • Allen can’t stand anything that flies AND buzzes.
  • Allen typically starts his day around 4am.
  • Allen is amazed if you read all these lists!

Production Department

Tai Weinman
Tai WeinmanProduction Team
Tai travels the country lending her script supervising and writing services to a variety of projects and organizations. She has also worked as a writer and educator since 2008. She has provided script consultations, taught creative writing and language arts, and toured with New Jersey’s National Slam Poetry team and more.
Cade Morrison
Cade MorrisonProduction Team
Cade has a background in acting and has worked on multiple productions. He is passionate about helping out with the production of Hooked.
Jeff Bass
Jeff BassProduction Team
Jeff is an experienced musician and web developer with a strong interest in the film industry. He has worked as a production assistant on a small film crew and has acted in plays in high school and college,
Alexander Standish James
Alexander Standish JamesProduction Team
Alex started his filmmaking career in high school with the BHS video production academy. He’s also a licensed seaplane pilot. He studied film at Central College but and has won multiple 1st place awards in 48/72 hour film contests.
Katherine Bond
Katherine BondProduction Team
Katherine is an author, poet, actor, teacher, and coach who has been creating mayhem with writers young and old for the last 25 years. She’s the founder of EpicWrite, combining live action role-playing, writing, and storycraft. She is thrilled to be involved in the production of Hooked.
Nalin Kumar
Nalin KumarProduction Team
Nalin is looking forward to bringing his experience working on other film productions to the set of Hooked.
Susan Larson
Susan LarsonProduction Team
Susan is passionate about visual storytelling. She’s worked as a production assistant, script supervisor, talent coordinator, camera, and about any role that gets her involved in production. Her career is in communications, marketing, and special events, but will always be driven by producing experiences and messages that change lives.
Christopher Galvagno
Christopher GalvagnoProduction Team
Chris has been making movies since he was a child. After college, Chris graduated the New York Film Academy for screenwriting and later was hired as a production assistant. He’s looking forward to creating something from nothing with others who are also passionate about the art of film.
Kaya Kelly
Kaya KellyProduction Team
Kaya is passionate about being part of telling good stories through a visual medium. She is excited to work with the art department to help bring Hooked to life.

Art Department

Angela Patterson
Angela PattersonArt Department
Angela became interested in movie production soon after moving to Seattle 20 years ago from Wichita. She started working in her Aunt’s printing company which was the beginning of a long career associated with design, manufacturing, and visual media.
Kevin Curry
Kevin CurryArt Department
Kevin is self-employed as licensed general contractor. He has an undergrad degree in fine arts and past awards in every principal NW regional arts competition. He has a law degree and is a member of the WSBA.
Tyler Herrera
Tyler HerreraArt Department
Tyler has worked in the wardrobe department previously and is excited to join the production of Hooked.

Camera Department

Brian Bishop
Brian BishopCamera
Brian owns a small production company called Spiffy Films, through which he has worked on music videos, feature films, and many short films. As far back as he can remember, he has always loved cameras and telling a story visually.
Ken Grohs
Ken GrohsCamera
Ken has been doing cinematography/videography for 10 years as a producer, DP, editor. camera operator, and jib/crane operator. He has worked on multiple shorts, documentaries, motor sports, and infomercials. Originally from Southern California, Ken has lived in the Puget Sound area since 1985.
Richard Nakamoto
Richard NakamotoCamera
Richard has been honing his camera skills on his personal projects and looks forward to continue to improve on the set of Hooked in an assistant role.
Michael Scott
Michael ScottCamera
Michael Scott has worked in visual arts going back to the beginning of the 80’s. He created numerous thought-provoking expressions in various medium, however, music and film have always been his love.

Casting Department

Ana Rosa Pereyra
Ana Rosa PereyraCasting
Ana developed a passion for the arts at a young age. She is an avid road tripper; she’s traveled across the country and along the west coast a handful of times. She loves capturing the beauty that is earth with her camera and sharing it with people.
Geraldine Pearl Bright
Geraldine Pearl BrightCasting
Geraldine has experience casting and directing and she really enjoys working with actors on set and off. Helping to find the right person for the role then watching that actor bring the character to life is what makes her most happy. She is a people person and works hard at helping make any film a success.
Saeid Nikbakht
Saeid has worked as an actor previously and is looking forward to bringing his insight and experience to Hooked.

Post Production Department

Kaleb Nekumanesh
Kaleb NekumaneshPost Production
Kaleb is an enthusiastic and persistent digital media developer with over 10 years of experience. His work spans over 20 professional projects and he has received 8 honors and awards for my work including Best Director and Nominated Best Editor from competitions local to the Central Valley of California.
Ginine Mizerski
Ginine MizerskiPost Production
Ginine is a singer, song writer, and producer. She has been training in acting and theater as well. She is passionate about the arts and is a big movie buff.
Brennan Mackay
Brennan MackayPost Production
Brennan has been a composer for film & live theater since 2011. During that period, he achieved a degree in Sound & Music for Theater & Film and has been able to work on a plethora of independent productions, several of which have succeeded in festivals all across the USA
Dana Ekblad
Dana EkbladPost Production
Dana has worked in video production for 22 years and understands the creative process from preproduction through post and distribution. He has worked with Premiere, After Effects, Encore, Soundbooth and other audio tools, and the distribution process to the web and other venues. Dana also understands the important process of collaboration with team members in the creative workflow.

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