Over 275 Meetup Group Volunteers Helping to Launch “Hooked” in Seattle

Award-winning filmmaker Allen Wolf is producing and directing Hooked, a screenplay he wrote based on his acclaimed novel. Hooked is about a man who believes he found his soulmate but his autism keeps him from realizing she’s actually a prostitute. The film is a romantic comedy feature film set in Seattle that will highlight the issue of human trafficking and help people see autism through a new lens.

Wolf started a Meetup Group on the Eastside of Seattle to help produce the movie. A mix of over 275 professionals and volunteers have joined the group and have been meeting regularly to plan the production. “I’m overwhelmed at the enthusiasm for making Hooked,” Wolf says.

The Hooked film production team is raising their budget from the crowdsourcing site Seed and Spark (www.SupportHooked.com) where people can also follow the production of the film. The production has partnered with a non-profit that supports films that have a positive impact on society so that all contributions are tax-deductible. Incentives for joining the production include visits to the sets, being an extra, and even having your name shouted out during a scene.

The screenplay has won multiple awards from film festivals around the United States and the novel has also garnered recognition and critical praise.  Hooked will be going into production the first three weeks of August and auditions will be held for local talent in July.

Wolf’s previous film, In My Sleep, won nine festival awards, played theatrically in fifteen cities, and was distributed to over seventy countries. In My Sleep is now playing on Lifetime Movie Network and is available on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes.

People in Seattle are welcome to help with the production of Hooked and can sign up to get involved through www.HookedTheMovie.com.

Allen Wolf speaks to a team of professionals and volunteers who are planning the production of Hooked.